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Veito CH1200LT Black Free Standing

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  • Energy efficient Carbon Infrared Heater
  • Power Settings: 600W and 1200W
  • Tip over protection
  • 2 Years Warranty
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Veito CH1200LT Free Standing Carbon Infrared Heater, Silver is the free standing floor model that comes with two heating choices: 600W and 1200W. When the heater is knocked over it will automatically shut down. If the heater exceeds temperature requirements, it will automatically switch itself off. With the lightened aluminium body and built-in carry handle, it can be easily carried to different usage areas. This model also comes in white.

Control Panel

Dial CH1200LT_1

Veito CH1200LT has a control panel which is a rotary switch. The switch sets the heat levels of CH1200LT, when the user turns the switch to the right. When the switch is turned back into starting position, then the heater will be shut down.

Easy to Use

Veito CH1200LT is very easy to use. The manual that comes with the heater will provide you with all information you need to get your heater ready to work. Veito CH1200LT has two different settings that you can use to keep you warm.

Economical to Run

Veito heaters are economical to run. They work on infrared heat waves that are distributed throughout the room. Veito heaters are different from conventional heaters, as they start to heat as soon as they are switched on.

Modern Design

Veito heaters are made using the latest carbon fiber technology, and are robust and hard-wearing with long-lasting heating elements. Veito heaters are quiet, reliable, and made with high quality electronics that have a superior performance. Veito Heaters are stylish with a modern look, and they do not occupy unnecessary space, due to their suitable ergonomic design.

Box Contains

1 x CH1200LT Free Standing Heater
1 x Base screws
1 x Product Manual


  • Power settings: 600W – 1200W
  • Space of use: 15 sqm.
  • Power supply: AC 220V-240V 50/60 Hz
  • Product size (WxLxH): 80mm x 600mm x 170mm (base 300 mm)
  • Product weight: 2.0 kg
  • Safety device: Tip-over Protection
  • Controlling method: Rotary Power Selector
  • Controlling function: Two Power Settings
  • Heating element lifespan: up to 10,000 h
  • Certificates: CE, TUV / GS
  • 3 pin UK plug

Veito Heaters In Antarctica

The Coldest Place on Earth

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 75 × 35 × 20 cm

5 reviews for Veito CH1200LT Black Free Standing

  1. Howes

    Cheap and cheerful at a reasonable price, and works well!!!

  2. Anna

    Excellent product especially for those suffering from breathing and lung. Does exactly what it promises: heats me, not the air around; does not dry the air in the house. Excellent product especially for those suffering from breathing and lung conditions.

  3. Harriet

    Excellent heater. Does the job. Even warms my feet!! Bought it as advertised at Grand Designs at the NEC in Birmingham. NOT disappointed.

  4. Alto

    Excellent heater – i’d reckon the 600watt setting is equivalent to a 1.5 – 2 kw convector heater and it also manages to heat my feet which is a first in a victorian house. There are flaws: no thermostat( this seems to be the norm for the carbon filament infra red) so I need to turn it off/on quite often. This highlights the main design flaw – the switch (pretty stiff) is only about 8cm above ground on the front which means you have to move your arm in front of the heater to turn it. I’m slightly disabled and this is difficult. I think with the 1200w setting it may be too hot to do this. Surely the switch could have been sited at the top and back.

  5. Happy Customer

    Perfect for those chilly summer nights. Great product.

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CH1200LT_1 Assemble the stand with the heater CH1200LT_2 Secure the stand to the heater by using the connection screws supplied
CH1200LT_3 Always leave a clear space from the left and right of the unit. Never put any obstacles nearer to the front of the unit. CH1200LT_4 Use the unit in places with easy access to power sockets and that are well ventilated.
Never use connecting terminals in the power lead. Always directly connect the unit to the power.