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Veito V1200 7.8KW Electric Shower

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  • Chrome plated heating element, 3 Power Settings, 3 Spray patterns showerhead
  • Water flow control
  • Adjustable shower set
  • Safety thermostat, Instant hot water within seconds,
  • Quiet operation, Energy saver.
  • 2 Years Warranty.


v1200Veito V1200  Electric Shower / Water Heater comes with chrome plated heating element, 3 Power Settings, 3 Spray patterns shower head.Water flow control, Adjustable shower set, Safety thermostat, Instant hot water within seconds, Quiet operation, Energy saver.

Veito V1200 Electric Shower / Water Heater heats the water to the required temperature directly as it flows through the unit. The appliance only consumes power during this period. It starts to heat as soon as it is switched on and does not waste energy in vain by waiting. That is why Veito V1200 instant water heater is energy efficient.

The heating capacity can be switched off or set to three different levels via the rotary power selector. Power settings should normally be regarded as optimum hot water performance throughout the year.

The water temperature is altered by increasing or decreasing the flow rate of the water through the unit via the flow control knob.

Adjustable height, 3 spray patterns shower head allows you to adjust the shower head for best angle and height.

Nano technology chrome plated stainless steel heating element reduces limescale around the heating element.

During normal operation if an overheat temperature is sensed, power to the heating elements will be switched off. When the temperature has cooled sufficiently, power will be switched on automatically.

If the water pressure has fallen below the minimum required for correct operation of the unit the differential pressure switch has operated. This switches off power to the heating elements preventing undue temperature rise. Power will automatically be switched on when adequate water pressure returns.

A pressure relief device is designed into the appliance. This device provides a level of appliance protection should an excessive build up of pressure occur within the unit.

Veito V1200 Electric Shower / Water Heater is ideal for home and commercial applications such as bathroom, kitchen, lavatory and office. This particular heater can be installed under the sink or mounted on a wall, and it has a modern look. It does not occupy unnecessary place with its suitable ergonomic design for narrow spaces.

Box Contains

1 x Veito V1200 Electric Shower
1 x Stylish riser rail kit with adjustable fixing brackets
1 x Rub clean showerhead - 3 spray pattern with hose
1 x Product Manual


  • Power: 7500W (230V) - 7890W (240V)
  • Power supply: AC 220-240V 50/60Hz
  • Product Size: (WxLxH) 130mm x 250m x 350mm
  • Product Weight: 3.0 kg
  • Safety Device: Overheat Protection, Pressure relief device
  • Controlling Method: Rotary Power Selector, Differential Pressure Switch
  • Controlling Function: 3 Power Settings, Flow control

Veito Heaters In Antarctica

The Coldest Place on Earth

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 45 × 26 × 16 cm


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